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Cabana Rentals

Our cabana rentals are available in both Surfside Beach and Georgetown County along S Waccamaw Dr.


Our family sized cabanas are 10ft x 10ft x 7ft, allowing plenty of room for the entire family to enjoy a day at the beach. We encourage you to review our packages available based on your party size. You may purchase additional chairs to include with your cabana rental.


Rental equipment will be set up by 10:00 a.m. and will be promptly picked up at 4:00 p.m. in the evening daily. All cabanas in Surfside must be set 10ft off the dune fence in compliance with town ordinance.

For questions regarding our cabana rentals, and specific requests

please call 804-712-0937.

Deluxe Cabana Rental


The Deluxe Cabana

package includes:

- 1 Cabana

- 6 Chairs

- Fully Stocked

  Drink Cooler with Ice

50% off Bike Rentals with any cabana purchase!

Payments are accepted by cash or check.

2 Days

1 Day



3 Days

4 Days



5 Days

6 Days



7 Days

13 Days



Extra Chair

$10 per day

14 Days



Standard Cabana Rental


Payments are accepted by cash, check, or card.

2 Days

1 Day



3 Days

4 Days



5 Days

6 Days



7 Days

2 Weeks



The Standard Cabana package includes one Cabana ONLY.

Add a cooler fully stocked with drinks to your package! Call for a quote.

Umbrellas will be substituted for cabanas on days the wind will exceed 17mph

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